Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a sign of selfishness.
a sign of arrogance.
a sign of ungratefulness.
I can see it grows inside me.

what a relief.
I have a nice dress to wear today.
what a relief.
I have new pair of shoes to show off.
what a relief.
money solves everything, aint it?
papa, I want this. I want that. please....
and I beg for things.

I always ask myself,
what happened to the world?!
He is dying. 
They are starving. 
Why did the world turn a blind eye to those people?

but I never ask myself,
what happened to you? 
do you remember where we are heading to?
shame on you, shame on you.

o Lord, forgive my sins.
o Lord, forgive my sins.
o Lord, forgive my sins.

I burst into tears when see this picture. this is sooo heartbreaking. This child still put his faith in Him, asking for His blessing, begging for His mercy. I wonder if I were him, do I have enough faith to raise my hands and ask of Him? 

how do you put your trust in Allah? 

I learnt something beautiful from this child. His heart is so pure, there is no single doubt instilled in him. May Allah grant him jannah, it is truly a far far far better place than everything on this Earth. ameen.

Allah first. Allah first. nothing should ever come before Him. O Allah, strengthen my imaan. 

Ayesha r.a. said,
“I swear that none of you can be a true believer until you put trust in Allah stronger than that which you have in your palm of your hand,”.

p/s :
o imaan, how are you today?
are you genuine or fake?
how to hold you tight? real tight!!

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