Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our beloved

This is amazing.

This is powerful.

Don’t simply jump into conclusion when you don’t even know a single thing about him.

Because he is more than our life-saviour, he is our beloved.

You can tear us apart, kill us, burn us, hate us, but it does not matter at all.

Because we don’t live for the dunya, rather we seek His blessings in hereafter.

I am very sorry, if you hate him, because of our bad deeds,

I am very sorry if you disgrace him, because of us,

Don’t look at Muslim, but please look at what Islam really is.

Don’t read Muslim, but please look for and recite our Holy Quran.

Iet’s be like him, act like him, smile like him, be firm like him, stand tall like him,

Hoping they can see him through us,

Because the simple humiliation did not bring him tears at all,

But with his great patience, he conquers the world after all,

Allah knows how hard we try to follow what he preaches,

Because the believers who claim as a Muslim,

Will always love him, more than his own.

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