Monday, December 19, 2011

I feel like hugging you right now. T_T

If you take off the hijab by choice, I'll be sad. But if someone takes off your hijab by force, I'll be furious. (Aiman Azlan)

I blacked out I think. I seriously blurred what I've heard about it last night.

I miss the old you. (you’re meant sooooo much to me, seriously)

I don’t want to lose you.

I swear I will fight  for it, o yes!

could you please hold on?

O Allah, please do not let us go astray.

I hate it when it seems that music doesn't work.  

But one thing dear,

When you build walls around your heart, you are not protecting yourself.  You’re trapping yourself.

My Heart is a Kite  
My heart is a kite
held by a string
in the middle of a storm

O Allah,
I'm not asking You
for a calmer storm
Rather, I am asking You
for a thicker string

O Allah,
I'm not asking You
to end this storm soon
Rather, I am asking You
to make me stronger
so that I may hang on longer
and see the rainbow
after the storm ends

is directly copied from here

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