Monday, April 22, 2013

these are wounds, not scars
it will only be a scar
when it stops bleeding
stops hurting

it's hard to pretend nothing's wrong
when you're in a café restroom
wringing blood out of your undershirt 
the blood swirling down the drain
making the porcelain look peppermint

these are wounds, not scars
it will only be a scar 
when it's quiet and closed

these are sirens
still screaming
still open
still spilling
a waterfall streaming from my back
a red sea parting my scalp
you can forget about scars
you cannot forget about wounds

my remembering is hemorrhaging
how can I pretend to forget

this gash in my brow is till pooling in my eye
the young man at the grocery store,
pimple constellations coloring his face,
'are you crying?'
no, I'm bleeding. 

p/s : This is deep and meaningful, amir sulaiman. I often think how to express feeling through poem but I ended up nothing. I am amazed on how you write it line by line, honest and real. Thanks, it brought me to tears. 

what should i do next?
Forget about wounds, and focus on genetics test! 


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anasakinah said...

I don't hear you voice and maybe it's far for me to chase you T.T