Thursday, April 12, 2012


I should be doing homework now, for no reasons, I love to be procrastinator I don’t know why. I feel like mumbling, how come I forgot to jot down the deadline of every assignment. Seriously, I feel like a loser. What I did, mark down all planning for vacation, go swimming with adik, eating durian, bullying adik, berkomplot dengan abah – usik mak sampai mak gelak kuat-kuat, makan and makan.

Here is a list-to-do :

17 apr: microbiology test – 17 lectures need to be digested. Brain, you must work hard, memorize everything, get to know all organelles and function, learn how viruses work and act like parasite, every single thing! Otherwise, I will be screwed up this time. O Allah, please help us! 

Thanks God, it would be in objectives format, meaning I must deal with accuracy. So, here is a solution – practising Istikharah prayer, make it habit. will you? InsyaAllah. 

18 apr: biochemistry assignment + class participation psychology. (elektif memang selalu menyibukkan diri)

19 apr: biochem report submission – 2 reports anyway. Haha. Much stressed.

I believe there’s always tomorrow.



I just realized, it would at least be likely to have huge impact of leaving Biochemistry lab manual at Sunway. Padan muke. Heee.

Quoting from Dr Mae : Well, this is life!

this is a fact, kan epi? well, no doubt.

Take it easy. Monash will not stop haunting you, until you get total head damage. Well, anything for you, dearie. May my spirit soar through this ton of assignments, I love to bits. :D

Allah loves As-Sobirrun, indeed.

Much love,

[A second year Biotechnology student]

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