Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Some may advise not changing too much, too fast. I don’t think fast change is the problem. I think arrogance is. I think hopelessness is. If Allah gives you a gift whereby you are able to do more, use it. But thank Him—not yourself, for that ability. And know that the heighten state is temporary. You may go from 0 to 60 in a very short time due to it, but when the high passes, don’t lose hope and let yourself slip back to 0."

Dear Yasmin Mogahed, Infinite thanks to you for such a beautiful reminder. Reminding me to stay strong and faces all challenges with sabr. Indeed, Allah loves As-Sabiruun. Fasobrun Jamil!

Sisters, good news for you, Sister Yasmin Mogahed is one of confirmed speakers in Being Me –Muslimah Empowered Conference, that will be held on 30 june 2012. This is restricted for Muslimah only. I can’t wait to listen to pearl of wisdoms. Quench my thirst, clear my path. May Allah be pleased. 

p/s : my exam timetable is already out. yet, I still don't know how to manage and arrange my personal schedule wisely. That's a lotttt to catch up and sounds quite tough. Even though it is really packed but thanks to Allah, at least I don't have multiple exams in a day. I just realized there is big opportunity for Biotechnology student, that we can do third year final project as an elective. so, please be strong and pray for our bright future. No matter how, we can do it! Biiznillah. 

well, Allah holds tomorrow, no worries. Do our best and leave the rest to Allah. He knows best! 

and and and ...

I love Abdullah Rolle's voice. 

May Allah help us, keep in the remembrance of Him, InsyaAllah.


Anonymous said...

Saya lihat anda begitu semangat untuk belajar. Boleh kongsikan tips macam mana untuk kekalkan semangat tu. jzzk khair.

naora - khalish said...

sy bukan smgt sgt pun..antara yang tak apa yang pernah buat,

saya buat plan 10 tahun akan datang dgn detail.. lepas tu, bagi salinan dekat mak saya. sekurang2nya mak saya tahu apa saya target utk hidup saya. letak semua goal yang nak achieve. doa mak takde hijab kan? yakin tu.

setiap kali nak study, saya akan msg mak sy, supaya mak saya doa Allah kuatkan daya ingatan ni sampai bila2. biar ilmu lekat dlm dada.

lepas tu, saya selalu ingatkan diri sy, bahawa monash uni ni satu keajaiban. sbb ni hadiah yang langsung sy tak mintak, tp Allah bagi. saya tak doa langsung utk pindah dr Uitm, redha saya yang sangat kecil tu Allah balas dengan sesuatu yang luar biasa. Allahu Rabbi.

dan jangan letakkan gagal tu sbg satu jalan mati. saya selalu gagal. saya pernah fail satu paper, dua esaimen. apa yang mak sy selalu ckp, gagal tu satu hadiah. Hikmah yang sgt luas, dan Allah je yang tahu.

minta dengan Allah supaya bila Allah nak uji kita, Allah uji dengan sebaik-baik tarbiyyah.